Why attack when the LA Times will do it for me? The McCain exposé of the week

Its nice to see traditional media doing their job this election year and putting both candidates under the microscope – unlike the pass they seemed to give Bush in 2000.   

Today’s McCain exposé is courtesy of the LA Times.  

McCain found his land of opportunity in Arizona: The Republican’s first race would set the tone for his career.

Its starts out juicy:

in the Valley of the Sun nearly three decades ago, he was weighed down with enough negatives to sink most budding politicians.

Some Arizonans dismissed him as a carpetbagger shopping for an available House seat — and a future in Washington politics. Others were annoyed that he had left the wife who waited valiantly for his return from a Hanoi prison, and that he had then married a much younger bride. His political opponents derided his marriage into Arizona’s Hensley beer distributor fortune as a “money-in-law” arrangement to boost his campaign coffers.

Ultimately, the story settles into the kid gloves expected if the LA Times ever wants Republican’s to renew their subscriptions, but it does give quite a few zingers…

Some quick highlights:

The candidate also was aided by his friendship with Arizona Republic Publisher Darrow “Duke” Tully, who touted himself as a war hero and was eager to spread McCain’s story across his pages. The two were so close that Tully was named godfather to John and Cindy McCain’s first child.

(Tully resigned from the paper after it was learned that he had fabricated his war achievements; it turned out he had never served in the military.)

Another influential friend was financier Charles H. Keating Jr. The Phoenix resident raised more than $100,000 for McCain. (Keating went to prison in the 1990s for his role in the failure of Lincoln Savings & Loan.)

And reminding us about that temper and definitively un-Presidential attitude of McCain’s…

At one point, [state Senator Jim] Mack reportedly tried to maneuver around the celebrity candidate by reaching out to McCain’s first wife, Carol, in search of anything that might sink him. But Carol alerted McCain and, at the next debate, he unloaded.

“If you ever try to hurt anyone in my family again,” McCain said he warned Mack, “I will personally beat the [expletive] out of you.”

Interesting read for anyone who wants to learn more about McCain’s true colors – all of which are ugly.


New Video: Young Hillary Clinton

At first I was reluctant to post anything else about Hillary, as I just want her to go away, but this video was too funny to pass up.  

Rupert Murdoch may be an Obama Supporter? Has Hell Frozen Over?

Some say the Mayan Calendar predicts the end of the world being 2012, others say violence in Israel is a sign Armageddon is soon approaching…

Whatever your personal cosmology, Rupert Murdoch calling Obama “fantastic” has to rank as some sign of the apocalypse.

As the Wall Street Journal reports in its story “Murdoch: Obama’s a Rock Star“:

The biggest news may have been the News Corp. chairman’s hints that he sees Sen. Obama as having a good chance of winning the November election. Noting that respect for politicians and Washington DC is at an “all time low,” Murdoch described Obama as a “rock star” and “fantastic,” saying his Republican opponent John McCain is “unpredictable” and “doesn’t know much about the economy.” While he is a “patriot” and a “decent guy…he doesn’t know much about organizing a campaign it would seem.”

Murdoch added that he wasn’t backing anyone, saying he wants to know more about Obama’s plans and the people around him. But he said he was involved in the New York Post’s decision to endorse Obama in New York’s Democratic primarily earlier this year.

A major issue in the election will be the economy. The “average American today is really hurting financially and that bodes well for” Obama, he said.

Speechless. How this will influence coverage on Fox News Channel is yet to be seen.

Is Murdoch the newest Obama supporter?

McCain’s Own Swift Boat Veteran’s for Truth, but this Time They Aren’t Lying (Video)

Great video of fellow Republican’s coming clean about McCain’s tarnished Vietnam War record.  This comes from Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain and what’s most interesting are the accounts of former Rep. Bob Dornan (R-CA).

As has often been reported, McCain did break down while a POW and spilled his guts, earning him the reported nickname “Songbird,” but since he was the Admiral’s son and came from a highly politically connected family, he was able to make much of his record go away, just like Satan George W. Bush could with his draft dodger and DUI record.

Must be nice being the spawn of wealthy political elites!  

Donate to them here at this link.

Britney Spears to Hillary Clinton: Stop Monopolizing My Press

While the Barack Obama campaign has been struggling to get their message heard above unending the cacophony of “how crazy will Hillary Clinton get” stories, quietly one of America’s biggest tabloid stars has seen her unending fount of press run dry no thanks to Hillary stealing her ink – Britney Spears.

Long the reigning queen of “psycho-delusional, train wreck press” stories, Spears has been pushed off the front page by her most formidable of attention seeking rivals – Hillary Clinton – and it took an effort of near Presidential proportions.  Britney’s the victim of a harsh media reality, namely that editors’ reserve only so much space for “disastrous celebrity tailspin” stories. With Clinton and the Lohan’s taking up all the recent front page real estate reserved for “crash and burn celebrity free falls,” Spears has (*gasp*) faded to the brink of oblivion.

Britney back at the Height of Her Crazy Reign, Before Hillary Clinton Stole the Title

Normally, political figures, particularly distinguished senators, avoid slinking into the role of side show circus freaks, relying on pop stars to fill the niche, but Clinton’s obliviousness to math, self-mutilation (in the form of poorly phrased quotes about RFK), frequently changing motivations about why she’s running, and complete disconnection with the existing, non-imaginary world has sent the press into feeding frenzy not seen since Spear’s was committed for similar erratic behavior back in January 2008.

Hillary officially gained the crown of top delusional celebrity train wreck, long held by Britney Spears


As Clinton continues to push gossip-rag-mainstays to the back pages, many other train wrecks have been left scrambling, with Lindsay Lohan going to the extreme of dating lesbian Samantha Ronson just to overcome the glut of Clinton press and maintain a tenuous grasp on the forefront of public consciousness.

Lindsay Lohan went Lesbian this week only to barely steal some of Clinton\'s lock on crazy train wreck press

Meanwhile, Spears has not been so lucky. Her mid-May trip to Costa Rica with Mel Gibson went largely unnoticed. Her new love, William Morris agent Jason Trawick, has barely gotten one-one thousandth the publicity of former flames. Finally, as of press time, news of her $10 million Las Vegas comeback show barely made the steamy London gossip pages.

Media insiders are dubbing this “The Hillary Effect.” “You just can’t out crazy Hillary Clinton at the moment,” commented one reporter. “When it comes to the train wreck beat, she’s got the monopoly on it.”

The Spears camp is resorting to a Vanity Faire shoot just to try to pry some limelight away from media whore Hillary – though Spear’s announcement of the shoot fell on mostly deaf ears.

While tabloid stars suffer from Hillary “outcrazying” them, John McCain’s campaign has aired few complaints about Clinton’s press dominance.   The were particularly thankful for the diversion as he hosted a fundraiser in Arizona alongside the politically toxic Satan George Bush.  His campaign has been similarly unbothered by Hillary’s press monopolization as he dealt with uncomfortable issues like his wife’s tax returns, release of his medical records, and his continued opposition to the Democrats expanded GI Bill, among other politically charged events the presumptive Republican nominee has conveniently side stepped during the last week thanks to Hillary.

The few sources still covering Spear report that she is thriving since handing over her “America’s top train wreck” crown over to Hillary.

(Picture:  Britney enjoying and thriving in her newfound anonymity with reported bf Jason Trawick)  


Clinton Train Wreck Watch 2008: The Hillary Sunset Blvd. Parody (Video!)

As Clinton continues to play limbo with her prestige and public persona – (how low can she go?) – the media claws are coming out in force.  By breaking cardinal rules of politics and deliberately attempting to malign all but presumptive nominee Barack Obama, Hillary will face her comeuppance in spades and deservedly so. Its one thing to go dirty early in the primaries – politics is war – its another thing when your candidacy’s obituary has already been written and published.

She ran a disastrous campaign, is a disastrous candidate, and is only welcoming disastrous consequences.

That said, this Hillary Clinton as Norma Desmond in Sunset Blvd. parody I found right on the mark. Enjoy.

(By the way, I keep saying this is going to be my last Hillary post! This is getting ridiculous! I have important things to do like hammering John McCain! This month extra of Hillary coverage really is providing a screen for McCain and only helping the Republicans. At this point, she’s become the tabloid star of politics.)

New Artists For Obama Print: Proving Once Again Barack’s Aesthetic Appreciation Trump McCain’s

While John McCain is on record as planning to completely cut all spending for the arts, including severly cutting public school art education, Obama understands America is not Sparta (all war and not much else) and appreciates creativity.

Being the more creatively minded candidate, Obama has created “Artists for Obama,” in which the campaign releases periodic prints from well known artists as part of his campaign fund raising swag . You can get the second in the series for $70 at the Obama Store.

Scott Hansen\'s Progress Poster As Part of Artists For Obama

The work is from San Francisco design artist Scott Hansen. This follows upon the sold out Shepard Fairey “Change” Poster now fetching around $500 on Ebay. All indications are that the 4300 being made available to the public will be gobbled up quickly.