Deep Thought of the Day By a Republican

“I don’t want John McCain to say he will reform welfare, I want him to say he will end it. No more bling bling. No more handouts. No more indulgences. You don’t get your tobacco and your booze and your crack paid for anymore. If you are that destitute and able-bodied and haven’t got a job, move to Canada.” -McCain supporter Ted Nugent

Republican Ted Nugent


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  1. Woaaahhhh, get a load of this guy. Apparently when you are raised in a community where you are not expected to do well, can not receive guidance from your parents because they are struggling to make ends meet (and god forbid have health problems) and do not have the opportunity to obtain a decent education, it is SO easy to stay away from drugs and violence. Not to mention all your friends are going through the same thing, so there is no outside role model support.

    Wake up, Ted Nugent.

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