DNC: Making My Job Easier

The DNC – that party organization that was a disaster in 2000 and 2004 and inexplicably allowed a village idiot from Texas to get elected over two stellar candidates – they just did something right for a change.


. It sounds like some sort of mobility aid for septuagenarians who really should in a nursing home and not the White House.

In fact, its the DNC’s answer to the blogosphere’s prayers. Massive information dumps about McCain’s records available to all and that don’t require talking to the mother-ship’s little too beltway staff.

Now you too can slice and dice McCain with fact at your finger tips.

DNC\'s new McCainpedia Website

Want to look up what McCain believes about Abortion (ahem Choice)… Viola! One click and you get his mortifying track record of ultra conservativeness masquerading as a Republican moderation.

So fun, you can spend hours on it.

Quick review… I give it a 10 for effort, 6 for execution, 10 for making my life easier.

Still, I find it a little too issue oriented and lacks salient points like the fact McCain took in a little too much Jet Fuel fumes for his brains well being during the 1967 USS Forrestal Fire incident. Plus where are all the Vietnam videos where he disavows and condemns his country?

Perhaps its still early for McCainpedia and all these great nuclear mud is still being unloaded. You obviously don’t want to blow your load in May considering you have to hold on tilll November. But alas, tsk, tsk, I suspect the DNC will once again treat these things with kid gloves leaving it to truly blood thirsty hatchet men like moi to provide you with the good stuff you can mainline into your political veins.


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