Fear Mongering! McCains 2013 Ad

The ever so responsible McCain campaign just put out this ad.

McCain 2013 Ad

A nuclear weapon going off? Really? Can you say fear mongering? So this is how McCain hopes to win, by not so subtly implying that a nuclear terrorist act will occur unless he’s president? Just so we all recognize it early, this is the essence of the Republican play book for the foreseeable future, “its better to have them fear than love you.”

This is basically Lyndon Johnson’s “Daisy” ad revisited…

I never thought that a campaign would so blatantly resort to nuclear weapon imagery to get elected, but lets face the facts that since they are slim in the “substantive positive achievements” category, they must resort to fear mongering.


This sentiment is even more laughable considering Republican policies have exacerbated anti-Americanism and the increase in Muslim terrorism.

But beyond that, National Security doesn’t just take a vacation because a Democrat or a Republican gets elected – except when it actually does take a vacation such as in the case of Satan George W. Bush whom spent more hours on vacation his first year in the White House than any other US President in history and then had the gaul to try to cover up that a President’s Daily Briefing from August 6, 2001 (when he was at his ranch) entitled “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US” was delivered to his desk. Okay, in that case, yes, national security does go on vacation and twin towers cease to exist, but generally our President acts responsibly and actually does his job – as a 47 year old, sharp, very literate guy like Obama will do.

And if we’re talking mushroom clouds, Republican policies have set us back on the nuclear non-proliferation front 20 years! (a case could be made for longer)

I also find McCain’s 2013 message laughably naive. To think that John McCain can somehow stabilize the Middle East by 2013 is the most ridiculous hogwash I’ve ever heard. If anything, the Middle East has become more destabilized because of disastrous Republican policies. Not just because of the albatross and 800 lb elephant in the room of invading Iraq, but also because of an Israel policy that increased tensions and led to the current rise of Hamas.

But more generally, the Middle East has lacked overall regional stability since the crusades (or before). Yes, there were punctuated periods of relative stability (the Clinton years were pretty decent by all accounts) but I hardly think that a septuagenarian war hawk like McCain will suddenly be the region’s dove and bring peace to the Middle East. If you believe that, I have some real estate to sell you in White Water, AR.


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