West Virginia Loves Obama After All! UMWA Endorses.

Good news!

The United Mine Workers of America endorsed Barack Obama

United Mine Workers of America Endorse Obama

Considering West Virginia’s status as a major swing state full of nothing but coal miners (and their wives), this is a major endorsement for Barack Obama. So eat that Hillary!

Full story available in the May 22nd edition of the The Charleston Gazette

The story has some illuminating quotes by UMWA President Cecil Roberts:

“On issue after issue, it is clear that Sen. Obama will be on our side while Sen. McCain will not,” Roberts said.

Roberts criticized McCain’s plans to eliminate the tax breaks given to workers with employer-provided health benefits.

“McCain would impose a tax on the health-care benefits our members and retirees receive that we have negotiated in our contracts.

“UMWA members are at risk of receiving serious injuries or contracting occupational diseases every day. Many of our retirees suffer from debilitating injuries or black lung. They have paid for those health-care benefits with their blood. To impose a tax on them because they receive those benefits is not only unjust. It’s immoral.”

To parse what Cecil Roberts really was saying, Republican have been rubber stamping corporate America’s will for eight years – and after the Sago and Crandall Canyon Mine collapses, they ain’t having none of it!

And might I remind you, overseeing the Mine Safety and Health Administration before and after the Crandall Canyon Mine collapse was Bush recess appointee Richard Stickler, a mining executive who managed mines that saw several deaths and injury rates more than double the national average. To get the skinny on Richard Stickler, check out Bush Reappoints Mine Safety Chief Who Bungled Crandall Canyon Disaster Another fox guarding the hen house!

Death from deregulation doesn’t appeal to your average mine worker. Bravo on this endorsement.

I have to hold my tongue about a potential black face joke and miners. Must hold tongue.

Coal Miner celebrates the United Mine Workers of America\'s endorsement of Obama


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