Rupert Murdoch may be an Obama Supporter? Has Hell Frozen Over?

Some say the Mayan Calendar predicts the end of the world being 2012, others say violence in Israel is a sign Armageddon is soon approaching…

Whatever your personal cosmology, Rupert Murdoch calling Obama “fantastic” has to rank as some sign of the apocalypse.

As the Wall Street Journal reports in its story “Murdoch: Obama’s a Rock Star“:

The biggest news may have been the News Corp. chairman’s hints that he sees Sen. Obama as having a good chance of winning the November election. Noting that respect for politicians and Washington DC is at an “all time low,” Murdoch described Obama as a “rock star” and “fantastic,” saying his Republican opponent John McCain is “unpredictable” and “doesn’t know much about the economy.” While he is a “patriot” and a “decent guy…he doesn’t know much about organizing a campaign it would seem.”

Murdoch added that he wasn’t backing anyone, saying he wants to know more about Obama’s plans and the people around him. But he said he was involved in the New York Post’s decision to endorse Obama in New York’s Democratic primarily earlier this year.

A major issue in the election will be the economy. The “average American today is really hurting financially and that bodes well for” Obama, he said.

Speechless. How this will influence coverage on Fox News Channel is yet to be seen.

Is Murdoch the newest Obama supporter?


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