Why attack when the LA Times will do it for me? The McCain exposé of the week

Its nice to see traditional media doing their job this election year and putting both candidates under the microscope – unlike the pass they seemed to give Bush in 2000.   

Today’s McCain exposé is courtesy of the LA Times.  

McCain found his land of opportunity in Arizona: The Republican’s first race would set the tone for his career.

Its starts out juicy:

in the Valley of the Sun nearly three decades ago, he was weighed down with enough negatives to sink most budding politicians.

Some Arizonans dismissed him as a carpetbagger shopping for an available House seat — and a future in Washington politics. Others were annoyed that he had left the wife who waited valiantly for his return from a Hanoi prison, and that he had then married a much younger bride. His political opponents derided his marriage into Arizona’s Hensley beer distributor fortune as a “money-in-law” arrangement to boost his campaign coffers.

Ultimately, the story settles into the kid gloves expected if the LA Times ever wants Republican’s to renew their subscriptions, but it does give quite a few zingers…

Some quick highlights:

The candidate also was aided by his friendship with Arizona Republic Publisher Darrow “Duke” Tully, who touted himself as a war hero and was eager to spread McCain’s story across his pages. The two were so close that Tully was named godfather to John and Cindy McCain’s first child.

(Tully resigned from the paper after it was learned that he had fabricated his war achievements; it turned out he had never served in the military.)

Another influential friend was financier Charles H. Keating Jr. The Phoenix resident raised more than $100,000 for McCain. (Keating went to prison in the 1990s for his role in the failure of Lincoln Savings & Loan.)

And reminding us about that temper and definitively un-Presidential attitude of McCain’s…

At one point, [state Senator Jim] Mack reportedly tried to maneuver around the celebrity candidate by reaching out to McCain’s first wife, Carol, in search of anything that might sink him. But Carol alerted McCain and, at the next debate, he unloaded.

“If you ever try to hurt anyone in my family again,” McCain said he warned Mack, “I will personally beat the [expletive] out of you.”

Interesting read for anyone who wants to learn more about McCain’s true colors – all of which are ugly.


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