Earth to Daschle: Shut the Hell Up And Get on Point!

On his Sunday appearance on MSNBC, Tom Daschle claims that John McCain came close to becoming and independent and caucusing with the Democrats.

As reports:

During Daschle’s appearance Sunday on MSNBC’s “Meet the Press,” host Tim Russert noted that Daschle said in February, “It’s true that we were once close to bringing John McCain into the Democratic caucus. There are many who can verify that.” Russert asked, “John McCain almost became a Democrat?”

Daschle answered: “Never a Democrat, but an independent. He was so angry at the way he was treated and the problems he had with the Bush administration in 2001, Tim, that he came to us and said, ‘Look, I’m seriously considering becoming an independent and caucusing with you. Let’s talk about it.’ And we did.”

“Aligning himself with the Democrats in the Senate?” Russert asked.

“Exactly,” Daschle replied.

First, as I’ve said time and time again, with Dems like these, who needs enemies! For the last month at least, the Obama campaign has made headway with their “McBush” message and painting McCain as four more years of the same, yet now Daschle is practically working as Republican party surrogate to bring up a time that distances McCain from Bush.

What this incident really should indicate is that McCain is an uncompromising hot head who almost abandoned his party in 2001 partly because of his personal vendetta against Bush based on the vicious Karl Rove attacks he suffered in the 2000 South Carolina Primary.

But even after McCain went diva pre-September 11, 2001, he was still lock-step with the Republican Party on most issues and held a core Republican ideology, the most glaring difference being his final vote opposing Bush’s tax cuts in 2001 and 2003. The irony now is that in a flip flog of insane proportions, McCain advocates extending those same tax cuts!

Beyond that, McCain’s differences in record with Bush are largely superficial, save for perhaps his morally based opposition to the Bush administration’s egregiously misguided support of torture in the interest of national security. But while even I must give “props” to McCain taking the correct stand on this issue, what can you really expect?

Nevertheless, Daschle did come back to Earth by giving the truth about McCain subsequently in the interview:

Russert asked Daschle, who is an adviser to the Barack Obama campaign, “Then how can you run against [McCain] as a Bush third term?”

Daschle responded: “Because in the course of that period from 2001 to 2008 . . . he’s become a very ideologic advocate for the Bush policies on Iraq, on the economy, on tax policy, on domestic policy. Across the board he is espousing the Bush policies. He’s changed a lot since 2001.”

“Why?” Russert queried.

“Well, I think because he felt he needed to do that to win the nomination,” was Daschle’s response.

Clearly, on the issues that matter, McCain and Bush are ideological brethren, if not twins conjoined at the brain, with McCain possibly (as if this was possible) being to the right of Bush on national security and the economy – core issues determining who will win the election.


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