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Obama’s Hatchet Man is currently a semi-anonymous ex-politico banished into the proverbial jungles after the devastating loss to “W The Terrible” in 2000. Surviving on snakes and grubs for 8 years under the oppressive and corrupt regime of Bush, he’s become the metaphorical and rhetorical John Rambo of the 2008 election season.

He formerly lived in Washington, DC and is well versed in the dark arts of politics – having briefly been responsible for working with Republicans to cover up the systematic poisoning of the drinking water in a small city he is sworn by confidentiality agreements never to mention. If you develop cancer in this city that begins with an M, you likely have the Hatchet Man’s past life to blame – along with the officials who unscrupulously accepted payouts to assure their citizens everything is alright and there was no danger of getting cancer.

Sickened by politics and tired of facing both moral and actual minefields in the name of politics, he now fights for truth, justice, and the American way in the form of blogging. He now uses his PR and spin brain for good, not evil.

Formerly, the hatchet man was an international competitive debater, stand up comic, and founder of a publicly traded company. He is open to any invitation to speak about the 2008 election and makes for quite a TV personality – mostly because he’s controversial and dashingly good looking. Despite being a radical Democrat, he would still bang Ann Coulter, mostly because it would be war in the sack.

You can contact him at

I’ve added below a short review blurb that was written about the site:

A highly entertaining, addictively acerbic 2008 election news and commentary site that spars no opportunity in savaging McCain and supporting Barack Obama – often humorously. While decidedly partisan, Obama’s Hatchet Man is well researched, well cited, well updated, and well worth the read.


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  1. So if Gore had been president the tomatoes wouldn’t have been corrupted with e.coli? Can you explain how he would’ve prevented this? This statement along with the other crap he said about the president does matter just prooves that he is still so bitter about losing to the r-tard(bush). I say Obama needs to distance himself from this wacko “wish I was president” rhetoric. Gore’s psyche mustve been completely broken back in 2000.

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