Meet a McCain Supporter

Today’s Meet a McCain supporter…

Rooster Newton

“American gun lovers feeling under fire”

There is a sense that no matter how the 2008 U.S. presidential election campaign shakes out, freedom is again under threat – the freedom to pack heat and defend home and loved ones with lethal force.

Forget American freedom.

This is worldwide freedom because governments that have taken firearms away from their citizens are at the root of all global evil.

Just ask Rooster Newton, a 53-year-old from Bardstown, Ky., peering out from under a cap that reads “Smart Ass White Boy” as he speaks to a reporter.

“It is the one freedom we’ve got,” says Newton, who owns 68 guns. “All the world’s troubles are because people have had their firearms taken away from them, they have no way to protect themselves and they’re left throwing rocks at people with guns.”

68 guns? All the freedom we’ve got? Maybe if Rooster wasn’t up to his eye balls in fire arms, he could explore a few other freedoms… you know the kinds that Iraqi’s don’t have, like walking down the street without being stopped by a foreign invasion force enforcing curfew… I’m just saying, I could understand owning 68 guns for your protection in Basra, but not Bardstown, KY. (But I won’t even feign movement to take anyone of em away from ol’ Rooster)

Ironically enough, for all the hoopla made about McCain v. Obama regarding gun ownership and the 2nd Ammendment – they’re basically the same candidate. Both oppose junk guns, are for bans on certain assault weapons, and support local and state jurisdictions rights to sensible gun restrictions. If anything, it can be argued that Obama’s position on federal 2nd amendment issues are more gun friendly than those of McCain, but its enough conjecture to render a toss up.

(For the record, The Hatchet Man loves the shooting range, especially the hoakey Bin Laden target you can pick)

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