Scary Thought: Karl Rove Will Be McCain’s Brain After It Withers From His Alzheimer’s

One scary thought that crossed my mind. Recently Karl Rove has become a greater and greater force in the McCain campaign…

If he could wield so much power over a simple minded President like Satan George W. Bush, think what he can do with a President suffering from Alzheimer’s!

You saw the Documentary Bush’s Brain, well think how quickly Rove can become McCain’s Brain!!!!

America, run from McCain now! His degenerative dementia will be so far along by the time he assumes office in January 2009 that a vote for McCain is just a vote for the same crooked policy advisers and Neo-con staffers of W!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you, Uncle Karl is ready to pounce. Rove will be McCain’s brain as soon as Alzheimer’s turns what’s left of it to mush!!!

Karl Rove will be John McCain\'s Brain once it wastes away from Alzheimer\'s


McCain Panders to Cuban Community, Wrecklessly Committs US to Cuban Policy Despite Changing Conditions

McCain Vows to Keep U.S. Trade Embargo on Cuba

Article Available at WSJ Here

John McCain told Cuban-Americans Tuesday that he would maintain the decades-old U.S. trade embargo on Cuba if he is elected president, and he attacked Barack Obama for his willingness to meet with Cuba’s leader.

Regardless of you personal politics related to Cuba, isn’t this a premature assertion? At this point, Raul Castro has enacted substantial reforms and greatly moderated the policies of the Cuban government.

For McCain to offer up a blanket pledge of promising no diplomatic ties and continued trade embargo for the duration of his Presidency is wreckless, pig-headed, and completely irrational.

Raul Castro reforms Cuba, McCain Fails to Read News

At this point, America needs to look long and hard at the point of its current “isolate and embargo” stance against Cuba – especially in light of dramatic changes in human rights, communications, and *gasp* limited opening of its economy to free market principles.

Meanwhile, the embargo hasn’t yielded much by way of appreciable results, except depriving me of good cigars.

So why in the hell would McCain, who has been bitching all week about “unconditional this” and “unconditional that,” take an “unconditional” stance regarding a policy that now faces both unknown benefits and unknown justifications? (The answer below)

Obama responded to McCain’s ridiculous assertion of the status quo uberalis by stating “There’s nothing more naive than continuing a policy that has failed for decades, but that’s all John McCain offered today.”

Answer: Pandering!!! Once again, McCain will say or do anything to get elected! This time its pandering to Cuban immigrants whom have a vested financial interest in the “right” administration coming to power.

Since formally assuming the Presidency in February, Raul has made slow moves towards adopting a limited free-market system similar to China.

As the St. Petersberg Times Reported:

Raul Castro has announced a series of flashy economic reforms, lifting onerous restrictions on renting hotel rooms and buying once-banned consumer goods — DVD players, cell phones, and rice cookers — as well as opening idle state land for use by private farmers.

The question then becomes, if Cuba becomes indistinguishable from China socio-economically, which is not impossible in the span of four years and certainly eight, what philosophical underpinnings remain for an embargo? Already China is just as repressive and murderous as Cuba, yet we have given them Most Favored Nation status! Meanwhile Cuba is embargoed?

Fact remains, McCain, much like Bush, doesn’t read – or in the case of McCain, does read and doesn’t remember it because of the onset of his Alzheimer’s disease. Just like Bush, he pig headedly pursues policy objectives without analysis or reason and commits himself to policy positions without any forethought of the consequences or the messages it conveys.

McCain Appeases Florida\'s Cuban Voters By Wiping Ass with Castro\'s Flag

John McCain Video: Waffle, Contradicts, Maybe He Just Has Alzheimer’s

Great video from The Real McCain showing the delusional McCain. What strikes me, is as you watch this, you realize the man has early onset Alzheimer’s. He forgets things left and right. Sad.

Increasingly, McCain just reminds me of Reagan in his waning years or Charlton Heston.

Much like this pitiful display during “Bowling for Columbine.”

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