So What is It McCain? Are You A Fool or a Fraud?!? McCain proposes Osama v. Undertaker as Terrorist Policy!

Poor, poor John McCain, his Alzheimer’s is getting so bad that he seems to contradict himself on a now daily basis!  John, the White House isn’t a convalescent home!  

This one though may take the cake…

John McCain’s latest “Safe” ad start out with this lying through his teeth dignified assessment “Only a Fool or a Fraud Talks Tough or Romantically About War”  

Noble lies sentiments, but perhaps McBush forgets that he said this in his not so well thought pandering to wrestling fans on this WWE Monday Night Raw footage!   

“And whatja gunna do when John McCain and all his McCaniacs run wild on you?  You want to pull out of Iraq, well I say No Surrender! America can win the war against terror.  I’m going to introduce Osama Bin Laden to The Undertaker!”  

For those of you unaware, The Undertaker is a towering American wrestler pictures below…
The Undertaker, McCain\'s solution to world terrorism and justice for Osama Bin Laden

So which is it McCain, are you a fool or a fraud!?!? I say both!

Even scarier, today’s published results from the Washington Post-ABC News Poll conducted June 12-15, 2008 indicate that on the issue of “The U.S. Campaign Against Terrorism,” respondents trust McCain over Obama 53% to 39%!!! (I should note, this was the biggest disparity of any issue and Obama is beating McCain on 8 out of the 11 polls issues)

But I ask WTF!?! McCain is trusted more than Obama on terrorism even though he’s decided the best recipe for justice for the mastermind of 9/11 should be to put Osama in the ring against a ‘roid injected, greased up wrestler? Is he running for the President of Thunderdome or the White House???

Interestingly, McCain\'s foreign policy, energy policy, etc. is heavily influenced by the movie Thunderdome

Let’s show this video to the families of the 9/11 victims and see what they think about McCain’s proposal.


McCain to Meet Prospective VPs AKA The Guy You’re Really Voting For

Vice President of the United States, Or in the Case of John McCain, the On Deck Circle

John McCain is to meet with three potential replacements running mates at his home in Arizona.

The International Herald Tribune reports that the short list includes:

Charlie Crist, Governor of Florida

Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana

Mitt Romney, former Governor of Massachusetts

All three will meet with McCain over the weekend, should the septuagenarian make it that long.

The timing is particularly interesting as McCain is expected to finally hand over his medical records to reporters. (see McCain Medical Records To Be Released Friday, Will He Make It Till Then?)

Hmmm, could it be that McCain is coinciding the release of his medical records with the naming of his future replacement running mate?

I can see the press conference now “The bad news, the melanoma is spreading and my brain is rotting from Alzheimer’s, the good news, I got young hot shot Bobby Jindal as back up, and at just 37, he’ll outlive Obama!”

What are in those medical files?? I’m willing to bet that this is not coincidental.

The timing is a little too perfect – right as a new round of questions about whether McCain will make it through the week is in good health… BAM, Republican strategists bolster his campaign with the Veep announcement – thereby sending the not so subtle message, “Nevermind the health problems, lets ride out the the last couple of good months left in McCain! Meanwhile, one of these young guys will get on the job training and be ready to take over in no time!”  Fear appeasement through decent replacement!

Stay tuned for a Veepstakes blog analyzing tweedle dee, tweedle dum, and tweedle mittevil. (should be this weekend)