McCain: Cozying Up to African Americans? Try too little, too late McRacist!

John McCain announced that he would attend the NAACP convention in Cincinnati in July.

Actually, for the record, he more or less mentioned it in passing to a reporter from Essence probably because he felt on the spot! Here’s how it came up…

ESSENCE: Republican Newt Gingrich said the Republicans should not ignore the African-American and Latino community, but this election year Republican candidates Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani didn’t bother to address the Black community. As the Republican nominee, how will you reach out to the Black community, not only in this election, but afterward?

McCain: Go to places and venues that would allow me to continue a dialogue with the African-American community. I will go to the NAACP convention.

Full text go to Essence Magazine John McCain: A Man Apart (Its a really respectable interview)

While I commend him for finally putting away the hood and coming around to talk to the African American community, this is just more of the patented John McCain say anything and do anything to get elected.

It should be mentioned during the primary, when African American’s weren’t as important, “Johnny McCome-Lately” took a pass on the NAACP convention… As the AP points out:

All eight Democratic presidential candidates but only one of the 10 Republican candidates, Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo, addressed the NAACP’s 98th annual convention in Detroit last July. NAACP spokesman Richard McIntire said all presidential candidates were invited.

McCain clearly doesn’t engender much support from the African American community. Now that he’s running against Obama, the only African American vote he can count on might be that of Alan Keyes.

Still McCain is in the precarious position of needing to at least appear sensitive to African American needs or face potential backlash from the all important white, suburban swing vote. (no one likes a racist)

And it wouldn’t take much to label McCain a racist.

In another “say anything to get elected” moment that now is biting him in the ass, McCain in 2000 said he supported South Carolina’s decision to fly the Confederate flag over its capitol only to later flip flop (likely after he found more spit than usual in his meals at the Capitol Cafeteria)

Perhaps this Should be McCain\'s Lapel Pin?

He is on record as saying about Strom Thurmond, “I have not known an individual who was a more astute politician and more dedicated public servant.” (Huffington Post)

Finally, and most damning, was his continual opposition to making Martin Luther King Day a national holiday… a particularly shameful vote because 1) What black hearted politician opposes a national holiday 2) Its Martin Luther King!

To make amends, he appeared in front of an all-black crowd in Memphis on MLK day and delivered a speech on race. Naturally, he was booed vociferously.

I hadn’t seen a political moment this awkward since the first Bush vomited on Japanese Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa.

As the Huffington Post’s Will Thomas so cleverly pointed out:

“The image of a black man holding an umbrella over McCain’s head while he gave the speech didn’t exactly complement the moment.”

(Link to article)

McRacist realizes he has a major issue on his hands if he doesn’t start kissing ass to Essence Magazine. It wouldn’t take much for the racist label to stick like feathers on tar… and while on the subject of tar, I’ll leave you with this gem of McCain’s racial sensitivity.


Obama’s Hatchet Man

Tool of the Trade, except Metaphoricized

And so it begins… The humble beginning for the blog that hopes to keep John McCain up at night more than that reoccurring dream about “Charley” in the jungles of Vietnam. And believe me, aspirations are what got him through those mind altering, “Manchurian Candidate” days in the jungle – and its these same aspirations this site was founded to crush!

A little introduction, I am a hatchet man. We are a rare breed of political operatives whose job is pretty simple: scorch the political Earth with nuclear mud! But a more formal definition of this most noble of political post is in order….

Hatchet Man n. Slang
1. A man hired to commit murder. (While illuminating, not so much the definition I’m going for, except in the metaphorical sense)
2. One assigned to carry out a ruthless task or a vicious or unscrupulous order.

In other words, the hatchet man does the lords work of sorts. James Carville, Dick Morris, every Repulican on Talk Radio – these are the pantheon of greats – men who leave their scrupples at the door to achieve the highest of entertainment and greatest of service to ones country – tearing, mangling, outright destroying the candidate they oppose for the benefit of a one they look up to.

They sacrifice their reputations for the success of a candidate or ideal. The ultimate self-less act!

The best hatchet men, have the credibility to be taken seriously, the intelligence to rhetorically jujutsu their opponent, the tenaciousness and toughness of a Michael Vick pitbull on a PCP / roids cocktail, and above nothing to lose – either for them or the candidate they support. (3 out of 4 ain’t bad)

So bring on the Republican death threats, let the bashing begin, and hopefully I get a thank you note from Obama on White House stationary come January for the next six months of vitriol, nuclear mud slinging, and attacks that make Karl Rove look like a Care Bear in comparison.

Welcome to Obama’s Hatchet Man.

And may the attacks begin.


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