Kentucky Results Indicate McCain’s Weak Support / Problems With Conservatives

McCain Scores a Pathetic 72% of the Vote In Kentucky


McCain 72%

Huckabee 8%

Paul 7%

Uncommitted 5%

Mitt Romney 5%

Rudy Giuliani 2%


WTF! You’re the party’s presumptive nominee and you don’t even pull 3/4ths of the vote. The other guys have dropped out (except for Paul) and you’re giving up almost 10% of the vote to Huckabee? Even more sad, 5% chose uncommitted rather than vote for McCain.

I know the news media is getting its panties in a twirl covering the Democratic election, which in my book was over on super Tuesday, but big media is doing the American people a gross disservice by giving McCain a free pass on these shocking numbers. (Or should I say Hillary is doing the entire party a disservice by staying in so that the media’s harsh focus won’t reveal McCain’s glaring blemishes)

Much has been made about Obama losing to Clinton in Kentucky, but the Republican numbers tell me that if the Kentucky Primary was held before New Hampshire, McCain could easily have been toast. But then we also could ask “if pigs flew would pork taste like chicken.”

What this does tell me is that conservatives still revile McCain. From what I’ve observed, his “base” has consisted of a loose conflagration of voters that are not well educated on his record.

Fact is when die-hard conservatives learn McCain’s record on issues that matter to them: abortion, immigration, gun control, gay marriage – they grow weary at best, bolt at worst. One thing is certain, they hardly rally to his defense. (see my previous entry McCain: The Conservatives Don’t Even Trust Him.) He’s needed every ounce of Rovian wisdom to try to bring conservatives into the fold for him – and reports indicate Karl is working hard for him on the message building front (otherwise known as Operations: John Knows Jack About Conservatives)

Unfortunately for McCain, he gained his ill deserved “maverick” reputation by staking positions just to the left of the major conservative wedge issues, leaving him out in the cold. For example, on abortion, he is decidedly anti-Choice, but simultaneously takes the moderate position of vocally opposing the Republican party platform’s call for no-exceptions. On gun control, he’s for moderate restrictions. In other words, he’s taken neither here nor there positions on many of the positions that really count to conservatives, but are incidental to “swing voters.” That’s why as a “presumptive Republican nominee,” he gave up 28% of the vote to now phantom opponents (and Ron Paul)!

Meanwhile, on the issues that matter to the average middle of the road voter – the economy, defense, Iraq, Social Security, health care, education etc. – McCain is decidedly conservative, with opinions perfectly in step with Satan George W. Bush. As voters recognize that McCain is in ideology, just another four year term for W, they’re bolting.

Hence the reason McCain needs to find palatable issues that he can take left leaning positions on (even if in lip service only) . The most easy to swallow for the conservatives – Environmentalism.

Ironically, while McCain’s environmental policy was seen as a departure from the conservative establishment, it is arguably merely the logical extension of the basic concessions Bush has been forced to offer up in light of rising energy costs and a preponderance of evidence that Global Warming. (If you’ll recall, in April 2008, the Bush administration finally conceded that climate change was occurring.)

Had candidate McCain been candidate Bush, we likely would have seen a nearly identical proposal on climate change, the environment, and energy. (I swear a post going into detail on McCain’s energy and environmental plans is forthcoming)

At the end of the day, as Kentucky indicates, McCain is fighting a two front war: on the one had maintaining his credentials as a conservative and invigorating the party’s base, and on the other appealing to the moderately inclined “swing voter.”


McCain: The Conservatives Don’t Even Trust Him!!

Richard A. Viguerie, conservative figure head and author of “Conservatives Betrayed: How George W. Bush and Other Big-Government Republicans Hijacked the Conservative Cause” recently launched, a website that, “will offer conservatives a forum to express their opinions on McCain, to discuss and debate his candidacy, and to decide whether (and to what degree) he deserves conservative support.” raises questions of whether Republicans can trust McCain

As Viguerie states, “Conservatives need to know: Is John McCain, as he claims, a ‘foot soldier in the Reagan Revolution’ who will carry on the tradition of Reagan-type conservatism? Or is he, as some fear, a supporter of Big Government, an anti-conservative, a RINO (Republican In Name Only)? From the point of view of conservatives, is he a friend or foe, a political hero or villain?”

If you have dyed in the wool conservatives wary about McCain and unsure as to what he really stands for, where does that leave the rest of the political spectrum?

The fact is, the right hasn’t made up its mind if it can trust McCain because of his serial flip flopping on core issues such as abortion rights. In the 2000 primary debates against Satan George W. Bush, McCain tried hard to nail W on his wholesale support of the Republican’s Party’s abortion platform (which is so draconian, that it specifies no exceptions, not even in cases of rape). At the time, he tried to appease moderate elements by vocally criticizing the platform. In doing so, however, he may have inexorably alienated many conservatives because of the more moderate positions he’s taken on abortion along with immigration, stem cell research, and gay marriage (he opposes gay marriage but voted against a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage – a position that has baffled conservatives and liberals alike and adds to the contradictory and ultimately inconstancy of John McCain. For the record, the best I can make out on McCain’s convulted vote was that he based his decision on states rights)

(Video of the 2000 primary debate available Here)

Now McCain has a history of being disingenuous – such as that whole “I do” stance he took with his first wife – but now his chickens are coming home to roost as McCain must reposition himself after campaigning as a centrist for years (almost ten by my count).

This, however, is where the straight talk express is breaking down. To have any hopes of winning come November, he must get the conservatives out to vote for him in the numbers that W did, but already he’s finding the need to talk out of both sides of his mouth to make that happen – such as his recent statements claiming that he NOW supports the Republican Party Platform on abortion.

What a difference 8 years make! No wonder conservatives have question marks! What does this man really stand for? Does he have a moral compass not dictated by getting elected? Perhaps the real John McCain is less maverick and more manic in his policy positions. Either way, the hatchet man knows he can’t be trusted.

Survey says FLIP FLOPPER!!