McCain’s Own Swift Boat Veteran’s for Truth, but this Time They Aren’t Lying (Video)

Great video of fellow Republican’s coming clean about McCain’s tarnished Vietnam War record.  This comes from Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain and what’s most interesting are the accounts of former Rep. Bob Dornan (R-CA).

As has often been reported, McCain did break down while a POW and spilled his guts, earning him the reported nickname “Songbird,” but since he was the Admiral’s son and came from a highly politically connected family, he was able to make much of his record go away, just like Satan George W. Bush could with his draft dodger and DUI record.

Must be nice being the spawn of wealthy political elites!  

Donate to them here at this link.


Britney Spears to Hillary Clinton: Stop Monopolizing My Press

While the Barack Obama campaign has been struggling to get their message heard above unending the cacophony of “how crazy will Hillary Clinton get” stories, quietly one of America’s biggest tabloid stars has seen her unending fount of press run dry no thanks to Hillary stealing her ink – Britney Spears.

Long the reigning queen of “psycho-delusional, train wreck press” stories, Spears has been pushed off the front page by her most formidable of attention seeking rivals – Hillary Clinton – and it took an effort of near Presidential proportions.  Britney’s the victim of a harsh media reality, namely that editors’ reserve only so much space for “disastrous celebrity tailspin” stories. With Clinton and the Lohan’s taking up all the recent front page real estate reserved for “crash and burn celebrity free falls,” Spears has (*gasp*) faded to the brink of oblivion.

Britney back at the Height of Her Crazy Reign, Before Hillary Clinton Stole the Title

Normally, political figures, particularly distinguished senators, avoid slinking into the role of side show circus freaks, relying on pop stars to fill the niche, but Clinton’s obliviousness to math, self-mutilation (in the form of poorly phrased quotes about RFK), frequently changing motivations about why she’s running, and complete disconnection with the existing, non-imaginary world has sent the press into feeding frenzy not seen since Spear’s was committed for similar erratic behavior back in January 2008.

Hillary officially gained the crown of top delusional celebrity train wreck, long held by Britney Spears


As Clinton continues to push gossip-rag-mainstays to the back pages, many other train wrecks have been left scrambling, with Lindsay Lohan going to the extreme of dating lesbian Samantha Ronson just to overcome the glut of Clinton press and maintain a tenuous grasp on the forefront of public consciousness.

Lindsay Lohan went Lesbian this week only to barely steal some of Clinton\'s lock on crazy train wreck press

Meanwhile, Spears has not been so lucky. Her mid-May trip to Costa Rica with Mel Gibson went largely unnoticed. Her new love, William Morris agent Jason Trawick, has barely gotten one-one thousandth the publicity of former flames. Finally, as of press time, news of her $10 million Las Vegas comeback show barely made the steamy London gossip pages.

Media insiders are dubbing this “The Hillary Effect.” “You just can’t out crazy Hillary Clinton at the moment,” commented one reporter. “When it comes to the train wreck beat, she’s got the monopoly on it.”

The Spears camp is resorting to a Vanity Faire shoot just to try to pry some limelight away from media whore Hillary – though Spear’s announcement of the shoot fell on mostly deaf ears.

While tabloid stars suffer from Hillary “outcrazying” them, John McCain’s campaign has aired few complaints about Clinton’s press dominance.   The were particularly thankful for the diversion as he hosted a fundraiser in Arizona alongside the politically toxic Satan George Bush.  His campaign has been similarly unbothered by Hillary’s press monopolization as he dealt with uncomfortable issues like his wife’s tax returns, release of his medical records, and his continued opposition to the Democrats expanded GI Bill, among other politically charged events the presumptive Republican nominee has conveniently side stepped during the last week thanks to Hillary.

The few sources still covering Spear report that she is thriving since handing over her “America’s top train wreck” crown over to Hillary.

(Picture:  Britney enjoying and thriving in her newfound anonymity with reported bf Jason Trawick)  


West Virginia Loves Obama After All! UMWA Endorses.

Good news!

The United Mine Workers of America endorsed Barack Obama

United Mine Workers of America Endorse Obama

Considering West Virginia’s status as a major swing state full of nothing but coal miners (and their wives), this is a major endorsement for Barack Obama. So eat that Hillary!

Full story available in the May 22nd edition of the The Charleston Gazette

The story has some illuminating quotes by UMWA President Cecil Roberts:

“On issue after issue, it is clear that Sen. Obama will be on our side while Sen. McCain will not,” Roberts said.

Roberts criticized McCain’s plans to eliminate the tax breaks given to workers with employer-provided health benefits.

“McCain would impose a tax on the health-care benefits our members and retirees receive that we have negotiated in our contracts.

“UMWA members are at risk of receiving serious injuries or contracting occupational diseases every day. Many of our retirees suffer from debilitating injuries or black lung. They have paid for those health-care benefits with their blood. To impose a tax on them because they receive those benefits is not only unjust. It’s immoral.”

To parse what Cecil Roberts really was saying, Republican have been rubber stamping corporate America’s will for eight years – and after the Sago and Crandall Canyon Mine collapses, they ain’t having none of it!

And might I remind you, overseeing the Mine Safety and Health Administration before and after the Crandall Canyon Mine collapse was Bush recess appointee Richard Stickler, a mining executive who managed mines that saw several deaths and injury rates more than double the national average. To get the skinny on Richard Stickler, check out Bush Reappoints Mine Safety Chief Who Bungled Crandall Canyon Disaster Another fox guarding the hen house!

Death from deregulation doesn’t appeal to your average mine worker. Bravo on this endorsement.

I have to hold my tongue about a potential black face joke and miners. Must hold tongue.

Coal Miner celebrates the United Mine Workers of America\'s endorsement of Obama

Scary Thought: Karl Rove Will Be McCain’s Brain After It Withers From His Alzheimer’s

One scary thought that crossed my mind. Recently Karl Rove has become a greater and greater force in the McCain campaign…

If he could wield so much power over a simple minded President like Satan George W. Bush, think what he can do with a President suffering from Alzheimer’s!

You saw the Documentary Bush’s Brain, well think how quickly Rove can become McCain’s Brain!!!!

America, run from McCain now! His degenerative dementia will be so far along by the time he assumes office in January 2009 that a vote for McCain is just a vote for the same crooked policy advisers and Neo-con staffers of W!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you, Uncle Karl is ready to pounce. Rove will be McCain’s brain as soon as Alzheimer’s turns what’s left of it to mush!!!

Karl Rove will be John McCain\'s Brain once it wastes away from Alzheimer\'s

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