McCain: Dirty Money Lobbyist Whore Videos

Video Site The Real McCain ran this cutesy video take off of friends.

The number of Lobbyists McCain employs is astounding!!

Luckily, he’s taken the brave stand of sacking Tom Loeffler, probably so he can go work at the RNC till after the election when he gets his rewards for all the hard work.

But all this gets even more confusing when you realize that it was campaign manager Rick Davis, stake holder in lobbying firm Davis Manafort, whom McCain has cleaning his house of lobbyists! Rick took the bold stance of either resigning or severing ties with lobbying firms. Wow, bold move… but ultimately tantamount to having a wolf guarding the hen house.

Which brings me to Charlie Black! Unlike the sacked Loeffler, who can continue his finance roll unabated under other umbrellas (namely the RNC), Charlie is an integral campaign adviser, therefore he’s currently enjoying the Rick Davis exception.

MoveOn.Org did a great add targeted at getting the toxic Charlie Black(heart) fired for his despicable choices in lobbying clients.

Meanwhile the bait, switch, double speak, then pay more lip service to house cleaning at the McCain campaign continues.


Scandalous: McCain’s A Dirty Lobbyist Whore (But Plays the Prude)

Dirty Republican Money Makes Its Way to John McCain - Scandalous

“Reuters: McCain Campaign Advisor Quits Over Lobbying Ties”

“Former Texas Rep. Thomas Loeffler, a national finance co-chairman, is the latest McCain adviser to step down amid concern over potential conflicts of interest among lobbyists in the campaign.”

“Newsweek magazine reported that Loeffler’s lobbying firm has collected nearly $15 million from Saudi Arabia since 2002 and millions more from other foreign and corporate interests, including a French aerospace firm seeking Pentagon contracts.”

WHAT! The Saudi’s are in McCain’s ear and we expect him to deliver us from the evil of high gas prices?!? This is someone who claims to be a reformer?!? Shame. Shame.

Interestingly enough the McCain campaign is putting the spin on it that “Last week he established a policy of requiring advisers with lobbying ties to sever them or leave.” But the Hatchet Man Knows Better!!!

A betting man says he stays “loosely associated with the campain” and goes here!

“RNC raising big bucks for McCain”

Let the RNC do the Dirty Work!!! That’s straight black ops style! The RNC siphons the dirty oil money to McCain and he stays as white clean as his hair! No wonder they have a $26 million dollar advantage over the DNC, they’re the beneficiaries of all the avarice and greed paybacks that the candidate couldn’t receive!

So he’s still a dirty lobbying whore, he just keeps his good name because he’s not paid directly for sucking off lobbyists.