McCain to Meet Prospective VPs AKA The Guy You’re Really Voting For

Vice President of the United States, Or in the Case of John McCain, the On Deck Circle

John McCain is to meet with three potential replacements running mates at his home in Arizona.

The International Herald Tribune reports that the short list includes:

Charlie Crist, Governor of Florida

Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana

Mitt Romney, former Governor of Massachusetts

All three will meet with McCain over the weekend, should the septuagenarian make it that long.

The timing is particularly interesting as McCain is expected to finally hand over his medical records to reporters. (see McCain Medical Records To Be Released Friday, Will He Make It Till Then?)

Hmmm, could it be that McCain is coinciding the release of his medical records with the naming of his future replacement running mate?

I can see the press conference now “The bad news, the melanoma is spreading and my brain is rotting from Alzheimer’s, the good news, I got young hot shot Bobby Jindal as back up, and at just 37, he’ll outlive Obama!”

What are in those medical files?? I’m willing to bet that this is not coincidental.

The timing is a little too perfect – right as a new round of questions about whether McCain will make it through the week is in good health… BAM, Republican strategists bolster his campaign with the Veep announcement – thereby sending the not so subtle message, “Nevermind the health problems, lets ride out the the last couple of good months left in McCain! Meanwhile, one of these young guys will get on the job training and be ready to take over in no time!”  Fear appeasement through decent replacement!

Stay tuned for a Veepstakes blog analyzing tweedle dee, tweedle dum, and tweedle mittevil. (should be this weekend)


McCain Medical Records To Be Released Friday, Will He Make It Till Then?

Medical Records on John McCain released as soon as they excise that \

Comical headline in the International Herald Tribune today. This is what humorists call verbal irony… saying one thing and meaning something other…

Here’s the first two Paragraphs…

McCain set to release health data on Friday

Senator John McCain is set to release 400 pages of medical records, including documents related to his melanoma surgery in August 2000, to a tightly controlled group of reporters on the Friday before Memorial Day weekend.

McCain said late last week that he had nothing to hide. Campaign officials have nonetheless said that even if nothing in the records suggests a problem with his health, a rush of news media reports focusing on the cancer surgery was not politically helpful and that they wanted to play down the information as much as possible — something that the timing of the release would seem to accomplish.

Link available here.

Tight group of reporters? Friday before Memorial Day weekend? “Want to play down the information as much as possible???!” What part of “nothing to hide” is McCain talking about?!

Might I add that McCain has delayed the release of his medical records with one excuse or another for over a year!

If this is how he conducts the obligatory “Presidential Candidate releases his medical records,” how is he going to conduct his Presidency? This behavior is positively Karl Rovian – and more proof that straight talk is a myth, McCain’s all wonktalk.

That’s what McCain and his cronies are preying upon – cloning a page out of the Bush playbook, McCain already is displaying the typical underhanded Republican pattern of exploiting Americans disinterest.

Meanwhile, I know what I’m doing Memorial Weekend – going to poolside BBQ’s with hot models! blogging to hold McCain accountable!

But wanna know the last thing a reporter wants to be doing over memorial day weekend? Siphoning through 400 pages of doctor notes about McCain’s prostate exams and the color of his phlegm!

And you know what the average citizen American plans to be doing with their Memorial Day weekend? Ranking somewhere below cleaning the gutters and watching “Speed Racer” in the theaters is reading / watching the news.

Face it… when it comes to health, McCain’s a bloody mess!

With infirmities that have put him in a steady state of declining health for over a quarter of a century, its a wonder the man can even walk! Clearly at 72 he body is in serious decline – he’s had four different melanomas, is in need of joint replacement, and has been on military disability for longer than I’ve been alive – to say nothing of his deteriorating mind. (a complete post on McCain’s health is forthcoming)

The man is desperate to become President and will ignore his health and hiding whatever he must from the American people to get there.

McCain has had melanoma as many times as there are years in a Presidential term

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