Take the Bush / McCain Challenge at MoveOn.org

You have to love our friends at MoveOn.org, for seemingly being the only institution on the left to actually understand that winning requires relentless attacks on McCain which expose him for what he is:  a faux war hero; a rickety, Alzheimer suffering septugenarian; a say anything, do anything career-politician; a corrupt, military-industrial complex-loving warhawk; an out of touch yet heartless ultra-conservative; a Bush clone; et al.    

I’m also happy to see John Cusack (who really should get more work) taking a stand on the issues that matter. Its nice that other liberals besides Alec Baldwin are willing to put their balls on the line for real change in America (kudos particularly to Oprah and Scarlett Johansson in this regard as well – who despite anatomically lacking, metaphorically delivered)   

Anyways, brilliant video and follow the equally brilliant link.  

 Take MoveOn.Org’s Bush-McCain Challenge!


If you do vote Republican, this video provides some reasons…

Although a hardcore political partisan, the Hatchet Man still is open minded and fully recognizes the soundness of voting Republican in certain cases – such as if you’re the CEO of a major oil company, or the current chair of Blackwater USA, or hold one the current administration appointments which may face indictment once less corrupt leadership (i.e. Obama) takes over.

So if you plan on voting Republican (and in the process setting America back another 20 years), you’re not alone… Watch these brave American’s assert their reasons to join the Republican revolution retardation.

Try to Picture McCain Drawing This Crowd (Obama is God)

Barack Obama spoke in from of a massive throng of followers on the banks of the Sea of Galilee at Waterfront Park in Portland, Ore. I didn’t think the second coming of Jesus could pull 75,000 people in Portland Oregon much less a political candidate. (And that’s not blasphemy, JC’s been suffering politically due to his frequent associations with George Bush. Its been hurting Christ’s numbers in the Blue States and he’s been sure to stop taking Bush’s prayers just to distance himself.)

Raises the question … is there anywhere in the world McCain would be this big of a draw? Who really wants to come out to see a crotchety old man past his prime ramble on about less government and medicare. You could pack the kids in the mini-van and go see grandpa in the nursing home and get the same experience as seeing McCain.

This picture tells you why Obama will win the race. One word. Hope.

(Later a Barack staffer went up to him, told him they ran out of loaves and fishes, and Obama waved his hands, and everyone ate for a week.)

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