“Stick-A-Fork In Her” Tuesday: Hillary’s Toast Tomorrow?

Hillary Lets the Delusion of Grandeur Overtake Her Rational Mind

Finally tomorrow we might see Hillary Clinton’s long delusional odyssey come to an end. While I could rap about Hillary for hours, why waste my breath, we all know she’s done with – we’ll let her have a brief Nader moment of psychosis, before scurrying her away.

Sadly, I had mad respect for the women, until she started acting like that Ex-girlfriend who just wouldn’t go away.

Now I want to talk directly to Hillary for a moment.

Hills, (that’s our pet name for each other)

You’re acting crazy. And not the good kind of kooky crazy, but like psycho-ho-beast crazy. You have a job, Senator from NY. Go back to it. You’re a strong women, you wear pant suits. You’re not supposed to be acting like Stacy, the psycho ex from Wayne’s World who just won’t go away.

I have included this link for your reference.

I know that there is a gender gap in math between men and women, also referred to as “the Numeracy Gender Gap, but let me educate you on something… you are trailing really, really bad, everyone’s written you off, and taking this to the convention is a really bad idea if 1) you ever want black people to vote Democrat again 2) You ever want young people to feel like their vote counts 3) you don’t want to screw everything up for us in November.

Plus, you’re just helping Satan himself McCain.
(See SNL: McCain Reminds Us How He’s Been Skating By)

So when you get drubbed in Oregon tomorrow, hang up the pant suit and go home to Washington.

-The Hatchet Man

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