SNL: McCain Reminds Us How He’s Been Skating By

In case it doesn’t play, here’s the link.

Ha ha. Funny funny. Oh wait, we suddenly realize through the power of sarcasm that McCain has been skating by thanks to the infighting between Democrats. Now that the Wicked Witch of Washington has been banished, McCain’s about to burst a blood vessel answering to the scorching criticisms by the left, particularly moi (not to mention the little guys at like the NY Times)

Hardly surprising that a man who has skated by for most of his life wants to once again! (You’ll notice a theme emerging over the next few weeks)

Hopefully he gets a good VP quick to whisper in his ear during his many senior moments.

That one will never get old. Ironic that a Democrat bails him out again. I’m noticing a trend Dems… Stop bailing out the old geezer and let’s win this thing! (In all fairness, Lie-berman isn’t really a Dem. I’d call him a Benedict Arnold, if I didn’t think it was offensive to the memory of Benedict Arnold)

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